Public Service Commission

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Organisational Structure

The Commission consists of a two-tier structure. At the apex of the structure is a nine- member Commission, comprising a Chairman, Vice Chairman, three other members appointed on full-time basis and four part-time members, one of whom is ex officio, namely the Chairman of the National Council for Tertiary Education. The other three part-time members are persons, with extensive experience in the operation of the public services, appointed in their personal capacities.

Supporting the Commission is a secretariat made up of the office of the Secretary, three main functional divisions, and one support division, Finance & Administration.

Functional Divisions of the Commission

The three core divisions under the Secretary are:

  1. Human Resources Policy Division (HRPD)
  2. Management Services Division (MSD)
  3. Research,Information,Monitoring & Evaluation Division (RIME)


The divisions have subdivisions,called Units,under them.

The Units under HRPD are:

  • Petitions,Appeals & Grievances
  • Appointments, Promotions, Conditions of Service & Discipline
  • Performance Management
  • Human Resource Development & Examinations

The MSD is composed of the following units:

  • Organisational Systems Reviews and Deveolpment
  • Manpower Planning and Deployment

The RIME is also composed of the following units:

  • Research, Documentation and Library
  • Personnel Data and Information Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation 

The support division, Finance and Administration division,provides the administrative and logistic support for the core Divisions.

-          Petitions, Appeals & Grievances

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