Public Service Commission

Finance & Administration Division (F&A)

Role of F&A

The support division, Finance and Administration (F&A) provides the administrative and logistic support for the core divisions (HRPD & MSD)


The functions include the following:

  • Implement policies to ensure the continued availability of resources, services, facilities and equipment to support the functions of all Divisions of the Commission;
  • Establish systems and procedures designed to safeguard the interests of the Commission in all financial transactions relating to its Annual Budget and authorised expenditures;
  • Undertake the preparation and periodic review of Scheme of Service, Salaries, Benefits and Condition of Service, Staff Performance Appraisal Reports, Recruitment and Placement, Manpower Planning and Discipline;
  • Maintain a Fixed Assets Register and intake inventory of all   fixed assets, plant and equipment of the Commission and ensure their regular maintenance, replacement and disposal;
  • Co-ordinate and collate staff training and management development   budget, plans and programmes;
  • Formulate and periodically review organisational structure, job descriptions and job specifications of all positions in the Secretariat; and
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Commission’s Annual Report.
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