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Research, Information, Monitoring and Evaluation (RIME) Division

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The Research, Information, Monitoring and Evaluation (RIME) is one of four Divisions created by the review of the vision, mission, objectives and organizational structure of the PSC.

RIME Division comprises three (3) full-fledged units:

  • Information Management Unit
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
  • Human Resource Management Information Systems Unit.

The Information management Unit has two further sub-units namely: Information Technology and Library Units

The Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit also has two sub-units namely: Research and Monitoring &Evaluation Units.


  • Within the framework of its overall objective, the RIME Division performs a number of key functions and task as listed below:
  • Ensure that activities of the Commission are going according to plan;
  • Provide Feedback for the Commission’s decisions;
  • Provide useful information to enhance future activity of the Commission
  • Document research/survey findings, best practices and achievements of the Commission for decision making and, learning and sharing;
  • Revitalize the Commission ‘s Library to let it play its expected role in the functions of the Commission;
  • Reposition the Commission to respond effectively to the demands of its mandate;
  • Build the capacity of staff to be able to deliver on the mandate of the Commission;
  • Strengthen the institutional capacity of the Commission to deliver on its mandate;


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