Efficiency, Accountability and Integrity

The public service of Ghana covers a broad range of institutions/organizations which are paid for by the State to provide state services to the public. The Public Service includes the Civil Service. The Civil is the bureaucrat wing of the government responsible for running government’s offices or departments. Refer to Article 190(1)a of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana.


Refer, Article 190 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana

(1) The Public Services of Ghana shall include –

  • the Civil Service,
  • the Judicial Service,
  • the Audit Service,
  • the Education Service,
  • the Prisons Service,
  • the Parliamentary Service,
  • the Health Service,
  • the Statistical Service,
  • the National Fire Service,
  • the Customs, Excise and Preventive Service,
  • the Internal Revenue Service,
  • the Police Service,
  • the Immigration Service; and
  • the Legal Service;

(b) Public corporations other than those set up as commercial ventures;

(c) Public services established by this Constitution; and

(d) Such other public services as Parliament may by law prescribe.

 (2) The Civil Service shall, until provision is otherwise made by Parliament, comprise service in both central and local government. 

(3) Subject to the provisions of this constitution, an Act of Parliament enacted by virtue of clause (1) of this article shall provide for –

(a) the governing council for the public service to which it relates;

(b) the functions of that service; and

(c) the membership of that service.

(4) For the purposes of this article “public corporation” means a public corporation established in accordance with article 192 of this Constitution other than one set up as a commercial venture. 

  • Recruitment into lower-level positions, that is the Deputy Director position and analogous grades and below has been decentralized to the various public services.
  • You may contact the respective public service organisations or their websites for detailed recruitment processes and procedures.
  • Recruitment into the Director positions and above, are done by the President acting upon the advice of the governing Board/Council and in Consultation with the Public Services Commission of Ghana.
  • There must be an available vacancy
  • There must be confirmation of Financial clearance by the Ministry of Finance
  • The applicant must have the relevant qualification and experience required for the position
  • The applicant must pass an assessment interview and/or examination
  • Applicant must be medically fit for the job
  • Be a Ghanaian and at 18 years and above.
  • When a vacancy is declared, and an advert is posted either in the daily newspapers on the website of the Agencies
  • Please note unsolicited applications will be put into the database of the agencies and may be used when the need arises
  • The selection process will be spelt out in the job advertisements and may include writing of examination and physical examination depending on the agency recruiting
  • Only shortlisted candidates are invited to oral interviews or to progress to the next level of the selection process
  • Except in the security services, selection process into any position in the public services will have at least one formal interview
  • The panelists for the assessment interview for positions below the rank of the deputy director will include a representative from the Public Services Commission
  • Successful candidates are issued appointments letters by the Head of the Service/Institution
  • The Public Services Commissions chairs all interview panels for the Director and above grade office holders and are usually conducted within the premises of he Commission
  • The Public Services Commission issues appointment letters to successful candidates upon receipt of a signed Advice Paper from His Excellency the President

You may express your satisfaction or otherwise as indication of degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction per the statements below:

 My last experience with public service was delivered by:

.… (state the organization)…. and I was (tick as appropriate)

  1. very much satisfied……., 
  2. satisfied, ……
  3. not satisfied …. 
  4. was disappointed………….

If you desire for redress, lodge a complaint here

You are at liberty to report to the Commission. The issues of concern may include employment in the public services, management of the personnel of the organization, unethical conduct by an officer of the public services, and non-delivery of contracted services by a public service organization. Send your report to:

                                    The Secretary,

                                    Office of the Public Services Commission,

                                    PSC Building Finance Drive, Accra;

and or via email: Public.Complaints@psc,gov,gh

Or fill the Public Complaints Form provided under the Contact Centre Link.