Efficiency, Accountability and Integrity

The Commission consists of a two-tier structure. At the apex of the structure is a nine- member Commission, comprising a Chairman, Vice Chairman, three other members appointed on full-time basis and four part-time members one of whom is ex officio, namely the Chairman of the National Council for Tertiary Education (now, Ghana Tertiary Education Commission). The other three part-time members shall be persons with extensive experience in the operation of the Public Services, appointed in their personal capacities.

All Members of the Commission are appointed by the President, on the advice of the Council of State, in accordance with Article 70 (1) d (i) of the 1992 Constitution and Section 1(3)of the Act 482.

The Commission is supported by a secretariat headed by a Secretary as provided under section 9 (3) of the PSC Act, (1994), Act 482.