Efficiency, Accountability and Integrity


October 9, 2023

To ensure the safety of both its drivers and other road users, the Public Services Commission (PSC) organized a one-day intensive training workshop on the Defensive Driving and Rudiments of Road Safety. The training workshop was in collaboration with National Road Safety Authority (NRSA).

At the opening, the Deputy Secretary, Finance and Administration (F/AD), on behalf of the Secretary to the Commission welcomed the facilitator, Mr. Gabriel Sarpong, from the National Road Safety Authority and thanked the drivers for honouring the invitation of the Commission to attend the training.  She indicated that, the drivers play an indispensable role in the Commission, therefore needed to be constantly trained on current trends of the profession. She urged the drivers to take the training serious in order for the training to have a positive impact on their career.

Mr. Gabriel Sarpong’s comprehensive presentation covered the various critical aspects of road safety, including hazard anticipation and recognition, space management, speed management, and blind spot management. These topics were designed to equip the drivers with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the complex and often unpredictable nature of road conditions effectively. He also tested the knowledge of the participants on road markings and road signs.

In her closing remarks, the Secretary to the Commission, Ing. Mabel Amoako- Atta, commended Mr. Sarpong for his dedication and urged all drivers to take the lessons learnt during the workshop seriously. She emphasized that the responsibility of PSC drivers extends beyond the steering wheel, as the lives of people are in their hands when they are on the road.

As a token of appreciation for their participation and recognizing their dedication to improving their driving skills and their commitment to ensuring the safety of the public, all participants were awarded certificates. Also at the training were the Assistant Deputy Secretary (F/AD), Mr. Felix Tsidzi and Principal Assistant Secretary (F/AD), Ms. Pearl Offeibea Twum.